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mike at rellihan.com
08-03-2005, 08:13 PM
I have opened a dialog with Dave McFarlane over the possible availability of FAA-PMA, or STC'd, engine control cables for the 19/23/24/76/77. Dave seems interested in working with us, and I sure could use some help.

Since I have all the parts books, I can come up with the original part numbers for the throttle, mixture, carb heat, and prop controls for all the planes. I can also work with RAC-Beech to validate current part numbers or their supercedures.

What I need help with is to identify the type of end used on the engine compartment termination of each cable, and the length of the cable. The type of end will normally be either a bare wire Bowden cable end, clamped or with a kink in it; or a 10-32 threaded-stud end having a rod end screwed onto it. Photos would also be very welcome. If you could either measure and photograph a removed old cable, or do your best to measure and photograph an installed cable, it sure would be appreciated. If you can't get photos, please don't let that stop you from sending me a measurement and written description. When you send something, please identify the source airframe by serial number.

Thanks very much. I know we have 337's on BAC for some field-approved cables. This is a concerted effort to get some approved replacement cables made available that can be installed with simple logbook entries. McFarlane has a fairly large stock for already-approved applications, from which to match something up. If they can do so, getting approvals should simply be a paperwork issue for the additional applications. If they need some help with funding the work, largely due to the relatively small potential market, I will approach the BAC Board on the subject. I have seen a pretty regular attrition on these cables, so I think a pretty steady market exists for them.
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08-03-2005, 10:10 PM
For those of us that haven't entered the digital age, will you accept snapshots by snail mail?

I suspect my cables are original. They're probably ripe for replacement after 42 years.

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