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Thread: Cuba?!!!

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    A trip in my plane to Cuba has been on my wish list for a long time. Now if Governmental relations arw softening up I bet it would be a lot easier to organize a trip. Too late for this year but I am thinking that there might be a few of us that are interested enough to look into a Spring 2015 flying visit to Cuba. There will be a few items that would need lead time, like avgas and visa maybe, so pretty much now just asking..... anyone interested?

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    A trip to Cuba has been on my wish list also. Can you say Cohiba? I don't think we will be able to visit as tourists quite yet, but maybe in a year or two (which coincidentally will be around the same time my mouse will be back in the air). Can't seem to make the case to fly to Cuba in a C-150, not enough fuel to get back home!
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    I'd go in a heartbeat!
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    BACFest 20 in Cuba? Who's sponsoring?
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    I wouldn't get too enthused. Did you see the results of the last election? My humble opinion is; it won't happen. Would I like to fly to Cuba? Maybe. If the they had some nice general aviation airports. But, I don't think that is the case. I'm pretty sure most of America will fly down commercial if relations are ever normalize. I'm also pretty sure that G.A. is years from entering the country.
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    I believe at times Cuba has allowed general aviation overflights. Beech talk may have more information on Cuba, but I think they would welcome general aviation flights.

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    Cuba has always been good about flying. It is our government that is the problem.

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    In my opinion if Cuba becomes available to us normal people, that would be the end of Nassau. I'm in for the trip!

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    Still rooms in Andros this week if anyone wants a practice run...

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    Paul - please put me on your list of potentials if you organize a Cuba trip


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