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Thread: Article: BACFest 2016 - Branson, MO

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    Can we get Dolly Parton as a guest speaker for the banquet?.....just askin....
    Jeff Knight
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    .... both? ....
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    I'm working on Dolly for a featured speaker... errrr Singer...
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    Gene (suegene) here I live about 20 air miles from BRANSON AT THE VALLEY airpark 61AR you know I will be there. hope you don't need any but I am a A/P it you have any trouble.

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    Any update on the dates for BACFest '16? Its time to put in for vacation requests.

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    Dates would be great!

    Mary and I are going to spend a few days in Memphis (so much for N'awlins) then make the short hop to Branson on Thursday morning. The Mascelli's are already planning!
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    Pencil the Muses in. We are going to figure out how to make it.

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    Include myself and Jean. N9143S is ready too!

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