Rex MacLean turned these up (thanks, Rex). I called the company at
800-458-1535, and talked to "Mike". He confirmed that they have four New
Old Stock items on the shelf, at a price of $240 each. They are NOS items
that do not have 8130 forms. I didn't ask whether they have picking
tags/part number tags. Your A&P can verify their suitability, if needed. I
cannot stock them for the Club, at this high an investment $1,000 or so).

If the BAC Board wants to fund the purchase and have me stock them for
eventual BAC resale (payment to BAC, shipped out by me), I'll do that. The
BAC price would have to be a bit higher in order to cover the repackaging
and reshipping.

If anyone has cracking cowl latches on the older birds, if I were you I
would get one of these if you can. None have been made in probably 20
years; they were only used on the flat-nosed birds having the lift-panels on
the sides of the nose cowl. RAPID has them classified as inactive parts
(shown as N/A on RAPID Online). The projected 4/10/2006 availability date
on RAPID is bogus; the part has been inactive for so long that there isn't
even a price from the last sale shown. The original part number isn't even
in the RAPID parts system.

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From: Rex MacLean []
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 3:30 PM
Subject: RE: [BAC-Mail] RE: [musketeermail] Cowl latches for Original

Hi, FYI, These people claim to have them.

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I know of no source for new ones. They can readily be fabricated from the
clamping portion of the Vee-clamps used on pool pumps, and similar pumps
like the Hydroglass series sold by Sears. These stainless-steel Vee clamps
are made from the correct type of malleable stainless steel, as opposed to
the more brittle flat stock that cracks when bent or rolled. They have the
strap with the rolled end and captured Tee-bolt, needed to fabricate the
latch. If your A&P doesn't want to tackle it, find a maintenance FBO near
you that has an FAA airframe Repair Station license. They can make some
parts for local repairs, but they cannot make them in quantity for
advertised resale..

You can also check with some outfits like Arrell Aircraft; there are links
to several on BAC. Once in a rare while something like this will surface as
New Old Stock; that's how I sometimes stumble on old parts for our planes.
The original part number was '169-910013-111'. This was superseded by
'PDG-0171 E REV'.

Good luck; you'll probably have to have one made. If properly done, it will
be stronger than the original. We have a member, Bo Boggs, who has some
knowledge of this. I am sending this to both MML and BAC; perhaps Bo will
see it and respond to you.


From: []
On Behalf Of Mr Sal Tripoli
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 9:45 PM
Subject: [musketeermail] Cowl latches for Original 1963 Musketeer

Hello anyone:
Does anyone have an idea where I can get some new or used subject latches?
One of mine fatigued due to old age. I have a make-shift temp repair until
I find something more suitable.
Sal Tripoli
919 210 4833

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