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Thread: Lunch in TEXAS - Fredericksburg Diner - - T82 - Saturday Nov. 2nd

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    Lunch in TEXAS - Fredericksburg Diner - - T82 - Saturday Nov. 2nd

    OK - - really known as "Gillespie County" airport for you all not familiar with the radio call sign. AWOS-3 is on 120.0 Then it is 122.7 for all of you fliers. Nice long runway for the big city pilots (and me!).

    Let's meet about noon and enjoy a lunch while scoring the many landings and take-offs. Trumpet at noon at the flag pole (of course). I will plan to bring my box of vortex generators for show-and-tell. Hope to get them installed in the cooler months ahead. May even have a new trumpet-skunk-works item to share (but don't tell anyone!).

    Diner is on the field, about 80 feet from your mouse parking area. Official BAC time will be 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Invite a friend and make it a flight of two, or three. We always love critiquing other aircraft. All weather dependent, of course. Simple.

    Since we lose an hour the very next day, we might as well do it on a full stomach! Dude.

    Please post your plans and updates here on this thread. Thanks.

    Be safe,
    Nelson Amen 210-834-1991
    South Central Region
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    I plan on being there!


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    Wish we could.....Meeting (must attend) on that day.

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    Weather permitting I’ll be there. Mike Hopkins N7941L.

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