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Thread: IO-360 oil pressure

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    IO-360 oil pressure

    >I recently received my engine back from lycoming for the crank AD and it
    >seems to have high oil pressure on run-up and take-off (redline). I was
    >wondering what other people are seeing as normal oil pressure during runup
    >(@ 2000 rpm) and take-off, and also cruise.

    There is plenty of evidence to support having the oil pressure as close to
    red line as practical. When cold the OP is higher. So first start of the
    day, when not at some Class B airport with long waits for clearance
    delivery and ground control, etc. you may be running it up with the OT not
    yet into the green.

    Basically you want it at 100 psi when the OT is in the green. Its common
    to see the OP over 100 when the engine is first started, but this can be
    controlled by keeping the RPM to 1000 or less until the OT comes off the peg.

    There is also the issue of you measuring a 2006 OH against an antique OP
    gauge. When was the last time the gauge was OH or checked for accuracy?

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Lycoming Alumnus, Class of '99
    Birmingham, AL

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    High Oil Pressure

    I find that the oil pressure gauge on my Sierra (IO-360 engine) is indicating about 90-95. Red line appears to be 100 PSI.

    My question is a two-part:

    1) are people finding the Sierra runs at pressure that high?
    2) might this be symptom of a specific problem (for instance, clogged screen or low oil quantity-it usually runs with 6 to 7 quarts measured on the stick)?



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