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Thread: BAC Fest Updates?

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    BAC Fest Updates?

    I'm sure you guys and gals are all having a great time at BAC Fest, but did anyone take a computer with them? For the other 500 or so members that were unable to attend a little vicarious living could be accomplished with a daily update about all the fun you are having.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    BAC Fest

    You are right about that. Actually quite a few of us did bring computers...but we all developed a rash going near them. They smelled suspiciously like our jobs!!

    I'll let Cloyd or Dave Buttram make an official report, but we had 22 aircraft (and no we did not count the 6 from the Raytheon Flying Club). I don't have a final head count but think it is up around 50 (?) at the banquet last night.

    We had folks from all over the country. I won't try to recount the states heard from...I'll mess up and miss someone. (Ed Fitchett clawed his way through the weather from Toronto.

    We wish y'all could be here, but those in attendance unanimously agreed that we all need to make more effort to arrange local fly-ins. Even if it is just something like: "Yo! This Saturday at 'X' Field for there, Aloha!"

    Steve Cote

    Steve Cote
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    You're right, Dan! But there has been so much going on we haven't had much keyboard time. It's Saturday morning as I write this. We have had a great couple of days. Yesterday was full with Beechcraft plant tours which were fantastic. We saw Kingairs, Hawkers, and other jets being assembled, then we went to the Bonanza/Baron assembly plant which was great and we were allowed to take photos there, which I'm sure everyone will share.

    Then in the afternoon we had vendor presentations and they were great. Good news from Powerflow and interesting video of thier test with the wheelpants. Way too much information for me to include in a short email.

    Dave Buttram (and family!) has done a SUPER FANTASTIC job with the event. His performance will be a high bar to reach in the future national fly-ins!

    In short this was a terrific event. Great attendance, fun times and very informative.

    More details will flow but that's it for now from me. I'm headed to Beech Field to see some of the beautifully manufactured door handles developed by AEC being installed by Mike Relllihan!

    Wish you all could have been here but hopefully this will give you some idea of how things went.

    Chris L.
    Sierra C24R

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    Any chance Powerflow will post the video on the BAC website for those that could not make it to the meeting?

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    They might post the video. It is an excellent look at how the wheel pant has been designed so that it won't tear up the way our gear is designed. It also demonstrated the air flow past the gear while in flight...


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    Thanks Dave (and family) for hosting this and making everything so smooth. I will be posting pictures later tonight of the planes and some from the Bonanza plant of each phase of production. Great fly-in and worth the trip to meet everyone.


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