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Thread: fuel tank sender

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    fuel tank sender

    I am looking for a fuel tank sender for a 1975 Sundowner. If anyone has
    one please contact me.



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    Ron, I have these listed in the BAC Classifieds. You can contact me via email at mike at rellihan dot com.

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    I have some that are OK to send for overhaul if someone needs one. They are from a 1981 Sierra and I replaced them with overhauled units.
    I Can't remember if this solved my problem or not but I wouldn't reuse these until overhauled.

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    fuel tank sender

    If you come across more than one fuel tank sender, please reserve me any extras you come across.

    Merry Christmas.
    N6997R (M-1745)

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    Paul, if no one else steps forward on the used fuel senders, I'll be happy to get them.

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