I finally got around to reinstalling my Deemers super tips on my
A23-24. First thing was first, I fixxed the rigging (months ago),
and checked the handling. With the factory Horner tips, she cruises
120 mph at 2450 rpm. Stalls clean at 70 mph, full flaps at 65 mph.
Today with the droop tips installed, the rigging didn't change (lucky
me!) , she cruises at 127 mph (sometimes 125, others 130), stalls
clean and 65 mph, and full flaps at 55 mph. Glides a whole lot
better too, I was too high on my approach, landing very smooth.
Sorry, I didn't get gliding vsi numbers at best glide speed. Before
I took them off to fix the rigging, the stalling was a violent tuck
and roll. This time it felt very gentle as a Mousekeetr should.