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Thread: 1966 A23-24 Visors

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    1966 A23-24 Visors

    VW parts? I love it.

    What I did a few years ago for the previous owner was to install the
    tinted visors from Aircraft Spruce 13-00542. They have doubled in
    price since then. I didn't actually change the part that screws to the
    airplane, just slid the old blade off of the sunvisor post and slid this
    new one on. There is a log entry to be done, but it is not a major
    alteration. Niether is Rosen in my opinion, but the FAA disagrees.
    These aren't the same quality or as nice as Rosen, but they do help.


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    There is a material that is used to make signs. It is called Syntra and comes in many colors and several thicknesses. It is VERY much like the material used in Rosen visors, but it is not transparent, but neither are your original visors.

    I know a pilot who had the sign guy cut two pieces of Syntra using the original visor as a template. Took ten minutes and twenty bucks. Both visors are now in his 1978 Sundowner and he is very happy.

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    If interested...The Sintra board is a foam rigid PVC board. I knows it's availiable in thickness's from 1/16 through 2" thick, many colors and in 1" thick you can use it for a ramp and drive most cars on it without it breaking. It can be heated (using a heat gun) and when it hardens it will stay. You can drill and even use sheet metal screws or PVC cement. But I can't say if it floats.... It can be found at most "plastic/sign" shops in 4'X8' sheets. The reason I know about this stuff is we use it in the FAA certified simulator to build the cockpit !


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    1966 A23-24 visors

    Maybe this has already been mentioned but I believe the STCs for the
    Rosen's are in the musketeermail achieves or the BAC achieves. Rosen may
    also have them on their site.

    David Snodgrass
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    Thanks for all the info. The problem with the visors is the swivel
    arm that attaches the visors to the aircraft. The visors continue to
    fall down and will not stay in place. The attachment is the type that
    has 2 screws. any sugestions on how to "tighten" this assembly or to
    replace it?


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    1966 A23-24 Visors

    I heard a rumor (rumor only!) that the FAA yanked a bunch of STC approvals and our was one. See Lake Aero Styling and Repair for Mooneys (LASAR). The idiot FSDO yanked their PMA for some nice rosen like sunvosors specifically for Mooney, took away their speed fairing approvals too. The FAA is here to help.

    Sure, remove the visors with the 3 screws that secure the bases to the roof. Once off, you'll see the nut and spring that holds the arm to the base. Just tighten until it feels right. No A&P license needed. Its been a while since mine were off, but I think that was all there was to it.

    Edit: now I'm wondering if I remember the correct sunvisors. These may have been swaged on jobs. I've tightened that type before by putting in a padded vise and whacking the swaged area to tighten up the sunvisor. Do it by feel though. You may still have to remove the blade to fit the vice. The blade will slid off the arm.
    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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    Apparently my post on this in MML didn't make it through into the BAC Forum. I'll go look....

    Well, another interesting finding. Despite receiving a "message posted" confirmation back from MML, my posted message is not showing up there either. So either it is in moderation for some reason (again), and as yet undiscovered by Bob, or YAHOO is screwing up again. Certainly reminds me why I have virtually abandoned all posting there. This is about the sixth instance of me wasting my time putting a post up there, out of concern that the inquirer would not see it on BAC. Then they didn't get to see it anyway. Yet another example of why it is of value for owners of these great planes to join BAC.

    The visors being described sound to me like the Group II visors. All this information is contained in the Rosen Application Document that can be downloaded from BAC. The Group II is the ball-and-claw style, There is a triangular clamp holding a ball-and-claw joint on the visor end; and a bracket base on the door post which also has a ball-and-claw joint.

    Both ends become loose, from time and wear. You tighten the visor end by drawing up the single clamp bolt (or screw) that is nearest the ball. The base end has two mounting screws at top and bottom. The two smaller screws, adjacent to the claw, are the tensioning screws for the internal clamping plate. The original tensioning screws have slotted heads, and a captured square nut on the back, if no one has been screwing with them over the years. To snug up the ball, you slightly turn the clamping screws clockwise.

    There are two key weaknesses to these joints. They are prone to having the ball pop out of the claw; and they are 'touchy' about the adjustment. Too loose and the arm falls down; too tight and the ball pops out. They need a film of Corrosion-X on them to prevent surface rust, as the plating is very poor quality (no underlying copper). Putting regular oil on them makes them even harder to keep adjusted right. In many cases they have to be removed, and the claws tightened up in a padded vise.

    These are prime candidates for Rosens or the equivalent, due to the poor arm design. Unfortunately there are no Rosen bases that properly replace the claw-style base. I have posted the exact dimensions to make an aluminum base to accept the Rosen post for the Bonanza; but you would have to make your own (or have them made). It is an extremely simple design, easily made out of 3/8" aluminum bar (something like 6061-T6, not soft aluminum).

    Most reasonable A&Ps/A&P-IAs are willing to install Rosens via a logbook entry, without requiring an STC and 337. But Rosen cannot sell them to you, if you call and try to order by aircraft model. That's because they do not have an official PMA or STC for our planes, therefore cannot sell them as legal replacement parts. You have to use the BAC document to identify the needed model. Then you can call and order by model number instead. If they are required to ask for the model, just say it is for a homebuilt.

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