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Thread: Rudder Rigging Problem: Need Help!

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    Rudder Rigging Problem: Need Help!

    I have a 1963 Beech 23, and I have a rudder rigging problem. When I am on the ground, and the nose wheel is straight, the rudder is deflected partially to the left. If I look at the rudder pedals with the wheel straight, they are offset as well (ie, the left pedal is lower than the right pedal....just like you were giving it left rudder.)

    I have no idea how this problem happened. I did have some work done on my plane, so there is always the possiblity it was towed on the ground improperly, but I am tied down outside, and we have had two weeks of strong NorthEaster winds with gusts 50-60mph, and I don't have a gust lock for the rudder. My membership with BAC has lapsed, so I have no search capability. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I need some real world advice! If I try to fly straight and level, the ball on the turn idicator is about half way to the right. Will re-rigging the rudder resolve this problem?


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    Rudder Rigging Problem: Need Help!

    Good morning,
    First, it would be good to know what work was done on your plane. Did it have anything to do with the control surfaces or the front gear. One possibility would be that the steering cable has slipped or is misadjusted.

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