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Thread: The Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance

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    The Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance

    The Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance is coming up August 23-24 Centennial Airport (APA) Denver CO. This is an event which brings together some of the finest vintage and exceptionally- crafted modern aircraft and automobiles in the Rocky Mountain Region for an evening of viewing. The list of attractions at this event boasts one-of-a kind vintage vehicles, one-off-assembly automobiles as well as custom private jets and extraordinary vintage aircraft. For more information visit If you plan on attending please RSVP to Steven Adams so that plans can be finalized.

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    Re: The Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance

    We are getting close to the Morgan Adams Concours at KAPA in Denver CO.
    We have over 90 unique cars and 40 show aircraft coming to the event.
    This will be a great year hosted by the new 23 million $$ XJet facility. If we can get enough people to fly in (10 or more) I'm happy to host a pancake breakfast at my hanger Sunday morning. Please enjoy the show and try and find me, it's like where's Waldo, at the event.
    Please RSVP to Steven Adams

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