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Thread: Potential South Central Fly-in

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    Potential South Central Fly-in

    My mechanic, Pete Westin, located in Gatesville, Texas (GOP), has expressed an interest in hosting a BAC Fly-In. The general idea is that he, and his crew, will cook for us, either breakfast or lunch. He mentioned that it would be helpful if BAC could kick in on the cost of the food and asked if I could guage the interest in the event. The dates for this event are currently flexible and I have included a poll question to indicate interest. GOP should be a very central location to the majority of our members in the South Central Region, so let me know. If we have adequate interest, I will post another poll for potential dates, but feel free to express desired dates in this forum.

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    We are already planning travel to BAC Fest 2008 and Gaston's; but I would try to make it, perhaps with another member, if the dates could work out. Cooler weather would definitely be a big plus for me.

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    Becky & I would be in IF the dates worked out. We are planning on travelling from Mid-sept til Mid-October. Otherwise, we are available.

    Gene McPherson
    Magnolia, AR

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    I did a quick flight plan on GOP, and it is a good looking location for our Texas members. My plane will be down for annual soon, so I don't think I would be able to commit at this time. I don't know how that will shake out yet. In addition to our BAC members in Texas (which there are alot of), there is a sufficient number of GA aircraft in general around Dallas and Houston to warrant advertising any event on Musketeer Mail, and with AOPA, and maybe a few other outlets that I've heard about. Our biggest Texas fly in had several people that just came out to check and see what the club was all about.

    I'll help with planning if you need, just let me know. I don't see a problem with BAC helping with the cost of the food.


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    I would sure like to show up to some of these SC events. I will still be walking though. I am throwing tons of cash at my aircraft (74 Sport) in the hopes it flies again soon.

    Bill Sciscoe

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    Heck Yeah - IF I have my freshly rebulit engine back in by then. Expecting it back in mid-late August. Any good excuse to put some hours on the new powerplant!

    Might drive up if the plane is still grounded...


    Mike Hagans
    1968 A23-24 Super III
    based @ 5C1 - Boerne, TX

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    Great idea Leslie...I'll fly up. If you are thinking breakfast or lunch, I'd vote lunch. During normal summer weather, the haze does not burn off early enough to get there for breakfast. Thanks for taking the first step,

    Charlie Baumann
    Zuehl Field, San Antonio
    1974 Sport N6578R

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    I have conferred with Pete and it looks like we will be looking at mid to late September. He will have it catered at the airport and we will probably advertise it on AOPA and EAA as well. I will post the official date as it becomes available; I have reminded him that we need to confirm at least two weeks out for publicity, planning and presidential points (PPPP). Menu is looking BBQish.

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    Does anyone know if this fly in is still happening? I hope so. I noticed it's not on the calendar.

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