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Thread: BAC 2008 Fly-Ins

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    BAC 2008 Fly-Ins

    Well, dang, people! Ain't sumbuddy gonna skedjule a BAC Fly-In sumwhar, before we have our'n 34A Hop-In on March 22??!! Time's a'wastin!

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    Jesup ga. JES would be a great place to hold a flyin. It has the cheapest gas around about 3.70 per gallon and 3500' runway . The FBO is one of the nicest around. A great little seafood resturant is close by. It is close to the Golden Isles, St Simons, Jekyll Island If this sounds interesting to anyone let me know and I will get with the FBO and plan this flyin.
    Thanks Trae McElwaney

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    Daytona is a short hop to see the wheel pants?

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    Bet Monty and I would make it to Jesup! Only 177 NM south of us. Can you try to work it around the commitments we already have, as shown on the 34A Work Schedule (under Technical)?

    Hopin' to make it to Wilgrove on February 9th, flying Wingman to the Spencer Sundowner, and with the SkyeMaster flying right seat! The Co-pilot says he needs at least a 1,000 AGL ceiling this time, though.

    Don't think I can make it to PEI this year, though, despite the disappointment of missing the 2008 bovine entertainment. Not to mention the free parking lot Internet access. Of course, what I will miss most of all is the wonderful hospitality shown by Margie and Tom Corcoran. Hopefully some other USA and Canadian members can make the fun trek across the mini-pond. Lobster at The Suppers should not be missed.

    Paula is already talking about flying up to the Pacific Northwest again in Sunny Beech, to join an Alaskan cruise; followed by a flight down to Santa Maria for BAC Fest 2008. And this is AFTER a trip to Bermuda (commercial, dammit), and BEFORE the flight BAC to Gaston's.... Talk about going broke. The wallet, not Sunny B....

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    Winter at Wilgrove.. FEbruary 9
    BBQ sanwiches free to BAC members.
    Wilgrove is 8A6, Just EAST of Charlotte. VMC only.
    Just ask Mike and Spencer... How low can you go ?
    We'll be inside if it's cold.
    Plan to eat 11-1. Just never know about the weather in Feb.
    Dr Bill
    N9230S 76 Sundowner

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,

    Canada Fly-In


    You've given me a reason to mention a BAC cross-country at Prince Edward Island on July 5th. It was posted a while ago.

    It even includes (Brookfield) a farm grass strip you and I were at... cows and all.

    Tom Corcoran
    Boston / PEI Canada

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    ATTENTION all those in the Southeast!

    Start coming up with ideas for events, food gatherings, EAA fund raisers, or just "hangar talk" gatherings to share ideas. I want us, the largest membership region of BAC, to have a very active year. I NEED your help to make it successful. If you have any questions about hosting an event or wanting to put something on the calendar then don't be shy, email me at doug.muse at

    SE Director

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    Is there room in your Sunny Beech or Monty's Sundowner for an extra passenger? Since I don't have my own Beech yet I would like to hitch a ride to the Feb 9 event. Btw, thanks again for the demo ride.

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    I'm sure that one or both of us will have at least one open seat.

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    Winter At Wilgrove. This SAT. Looks to be GREAT weather as of today. Will post again on Thurs nite with confirmation. Hope to see some Beeches here !
    Dr Bill
    N9230S Charlotte

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