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Thread: Bolton Field (KTZR) - Columbus, OH, Saturday, June 26

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    Bolton Field (KTZR) - Columbus, OH, Saturday, June 26

    This Saturday, come on down to JP's Ribs located on the field at KTZR. Great barbecue ribs and chicken, with take home portions as well! Plan to arrive between 11:30 and noon. Doors open at noon for a finger-lickin', free lunch for BAC members and their guests. Any questions, give me a call on my cell, 859-707-6039. Brad Mitchell
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    Unexpected heavy rain throughout southern Ohio and central Kentucky, along with an afternoon heat index of 105 and thunderstorm warnings, Bolton Field has been postponed for today. We'll try again next Saturday, June 26.

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    We're trying again for Ribs at Bolton Field tomorrow, Saturday, June 26. Hope to see you there around noon. Brad

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    We had a nice turnout at Bolton Field on Saturday. The food was tremendous and we were pleasantly suprised to see a B-17 on the field. A total of 5 planes and 7 people attended: Dan Kirby, Lynne Kramer, Ron Williams, Brad Mitchell, Buddy Kloss, Dave Smith and Cameron Grossl.

    Tonight, Ann and I are enjoying the bbq chicken and ribs takeout order I brought back home with me!

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