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Thread: Send Off For Oz

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    Send Off For Oz

    We're going to have a gathering to wish Oz Iftikhar, aka Sky God, well as he heads back to Pakistan. You Old Timers will remember Oz as one of the Founders of BAC and organizer of the first annual Falcon Field Fly-In.

    We're going to gather at EKY in Bessemer, AL for the send off. EKY is home base for Bob Steward, the moderator of Musketeer Mail and another of the Founders of BAC. See the calendar for more details.

    Oh, the date is August 7 (extending probably to the 8th).

    We want to give everyone time to sober up after celebrating Oz's departure.
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    Should make for a grand occasion. We never did have all seven of the Founding Directors gathered in one place at one time. The most was six at BAC East in Dayton, OH. Sadly, with the departure of Mike Rellihan, a full gathering is no longer possible.

    For those of you unaware, the seven Founding Directors of BAC were, alphabetically: Tom Corcoran, Tim Flight, Oz Iftikhar, Brad Mitchell, Mike Rellihan, Bob Steward and Cloyd Van Hook.

    Hope to draw a nice crowd to Bessemer, Alabama (KEKY) on August 7.
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    Bessemer is in What state? I figure I might as well ask here and save the rest that would need to look it up also. Thanks. It would be great to see as many of the originals as possible.

    Thanks for bringing that up Paul. We have edited our posts to indicate Bessemer is in Alabama, about 20 miles south of Birmingham.
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    As of now, I am planning on attending. Looking forward to it. The field at Bessmer is really a great airport and there is a nice restaurant right on the field. For those of you staying, Birmingham is not far away and has a lot of nice hotels, for those looking to stay closer, there are several nice places in Bessemer.

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    Oz, Cloyd and I booked rooms for Saturday night (August 7) at Sleep Inn, located in Bessemer about 3 miles from the airport. Anyone wishing to do the same can check their website: $74.99 is the going rate. Oz will be driving from Atlanta, so he'll have a vehicle. If we need additional transportation, it appears Enterprise rentals are available at the FBO.

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    Please take LOTS of photographs. This is likely the last time that many founding members will be able to get together. This is fairly historic, I only wish I could make the trip.
    All for one!
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    Paul Werbin,

    Are you still planning on attending?


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    Any non-Founders planning to show up at EKY?

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    I plan on coming. Short haul for me. What time to start? Lunch and dinner or?
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    Aarrgh! I can't even come close to making it.
    Oz, be well, stay safe, and enjoy life, my friend.

    Steve Cote
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