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Thread: Yes, we can....

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    Yes, we can....

    As a new member and owner of a Sierra (D-EEPP) I first was a little bit jealous while scanning all these great flyins and BAC meetings in the ME living Germany without such a great community...but I recently came across a fantastic airfield near the bavarian alps: Thannheim - EDMT.
    At this nice grass field we have every 2nd year a famous event called "Tannkosh" - more than 1300 GA flyers coming in with their flying machines, big airshow, great community.
    Some vid impressions from 2010:

    The airport is privately owned by the Dolderer family (some may know Matthias Dolderer - Red Bull Air Race team). A friend of mine (owner of a C24R) called me and asked for a meeting at Thannheim as there was „Jazz at the airport“ on Friday evening and a very special sunrise flight the morning after. And so I jumped in my Beech, loaded all the camping equipment…and my wife of course J and headed over to EDTM. We spent a wonderful evening with brasilian jazz music talking about everything – not only flying. Next morning at 4.15 a.m (after only 3 hrs of sleep). we got a wakeup call, pilot briefing at 4.30 and finally takeoff from a dark and silent grass runway….together with 16 other aircraft: Piper Cubs, Decathlon, Piper PA 28, Microlights, Experimentals and a Texan T6….
    I had the chance to fly formation with the venerably Texan and with my fellow Beech friend.
    We headed to the highest mountain (Zugspitze) and enjoyed the sunrise. After a 2hrs flight all aircrew flew back to the airfield in a big formation through a commercial airport´s CTR nearby…including tower-flyby.
    After landing we were welcomed with a breakfast buffet on the grass runway… I will never forget that feeling.

    Enjoy some impressions…


    Cheers Willy
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    Willy, looks like a great fly-in and a good time had by all. Hope you can make it to our big party at Oshkosh sometime!
    Gene McPherson


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    Hi Willy,

    Looks like a great trip - nice job and some nice pictures to go with it... I'll have to try that plane camping thing some day...


    I am here:

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    Herr Doktor!

    Great report from "over there!" I really enjoyed the description of your early morning flight and the wonderful photos. Well done and thanks for sharing.
    All for one!
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