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STCs and BAC Aircraft

BAC no longer maintains a separate list of STCs now that the FAA has a pretty nice website for looking it up. Know your Type Certificate and follow the links to see what STCs have been approved for BAC Aircraft over the years. Our aircraft are covered by one of following 3 type certificates:

  • Duchess – BE76 – A29CE
  • Skipper – BE77 – A30CE
  • Everything Else – A1CE

These links have been tested and verified as of 10/28/2015. Just click a link and drill down into official STC data directly from the FAA website.

The first Link:
Open the tree on the left that says “By TC Number”.

The Second Link (directly to ‘by TC number’):…=399&Count=200.

Again, to complete the drill down by Type Certificate (TC) you will need to use A1CE for almost all BAC aircraft. Musketeer, Sport, Custom, Sundowner, Super, and Sierra.

Use A29CE for the Duchess and A30CE for the Skipper.

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