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1979 C24R Beech SIerra N6008D (MC-611)

1979 C24R Beech SIerra N6008D (MC-611)

by John Turchi
Published: 2024-05-13 (2 months ago)

1979 Beech Sierra N6008D C24R MC611

TSOH   ~1950 (2000 TBO)  hours will increase as I fly her regularly.

TT  ~3900

TSPOH  ~1400

My mission has changed.  I purchased N6008D in 2016 with ~1100 hours on IO-360 A1B6 and ~3000 hours on the airframe.  She’s been hangered and I’ve flown her 12 months a year with over 100 hours/year since 2016.  Oil changes every 50 hours with Blackstone analysis.

Complete logs since new.

Annual and IFR are due in July.

Compressions all over 70 at last annual.

Equipment and avionics details are below.

KMA20 audio panel
WX900 Storm scope  (fully functional)
STEC 40 single Axis autopilot (reconditioned at STEC 2022)
2009 Garmin 430 Waas NAV/COM
2011 Airwolf spin-on oil filter
2016 New Donuts
2017 Whelen LED Taxi lights
2017 Exhaust overhaul
2019 Skytec Starter
2019 UAvionX Tail Beacon ADSB
2019 New ductwork, carpet and side panels.
2020 Dual Garmin G5, vacuum removed
2020 New Whelen rotating beacon
2020 Magneto overhaul
2020 Rosen Visors
2021 New Fuel pump
2022 PAI700 Vertical Card Compass
2023 Avidyne APX 340 Digital transponder
2023 Whelen LED wingtip strobes & position lights
2023 New Oil Cooler and oil temp probe
2023 New Concord Battery

EXTRAS Bruce’s custom cover
External battery connector
Concorde battery minder

Pup not included.  Tailwinds are not guaranteed.


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