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Be the First to Buy or Sell.

If you already own, or are considering a purchase of a Musketeer aircraft, you will not find a better source of information, a better knowledge and technical data base than right here at the Beech Aero Club.

Learning to fly one of these great airplanes is only part of the equation.  The savvy owner needs and wants to know so much more and, again, BAC is the place to learn all of that.  Some of our great member airplanes are for sale, but frankly not many. Once pilots own a Musketeer and learn to love it as we all do (not to mention they are one of the most inexpensive planes to own and maintain!), they tend to hang onto them for as long as possible.

Those that are for sale by our members may show up on the standard list of airplane shopper websites but here at BAC you will deal directly with the seller, no middle man, no mark up.  Just a fair and honest buyer/seller experience. That's worth the price of membership alone!

Whether or not you buy a Musketeer from a BAC classified, you will have the most complete collection of resources about what to look for in a Musketeer purchase, what to stay away from, what-where-when and how to get the perfect Musketeer pre-buy inspection - and even a list of great member A&Ps who know exactly what's what in the Beech Aero Center world. Talk about the value of being a member - and for only $50 annual dues! Our current members call it a "no-brainer."

Beyond buying or selling an airplane, BAC classifieds have all the other goodies as well: Aircraft Accessories, Aircraft Parts, Avionics, Parts, Supplies, and Services.  Bear in mind, that these parts and services are Musketeer specific so you'll know they'll work for you.

Ready to find out more?

If you're looking to buy or sell your airplane, or find some really cool stiff for the plane you already have, look no farther than the Beech Aero Club - the the perfect place to do just that!

BAC members have full access to purchase or sale information tailored specifically to the Musketeer line of aircraft.  Why wait?
Learn more, or better yet - Join today!


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.