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WEATHER FLEXIBILITY – event is planned for Friday (May 17[sup]th[/sup]) arrival and Sunday departure. However, if you need to arrive a day early, or depart a day late, we have that built into our schedule as well.

MEALS AND ACCOMODATIONS – this will be a family style event. Meals will be prepared by volunteers. Overnight lodging will be bunk-house style if needed, dependent on head count. Most bedrooms (we have 12) are equipped with multiple beds.

EXPENSES – our goal: zero expenses for attendees once your prop stops at the Salida airport.

ARRIVAL OPTIONS – fly to Salida airport (KANK) and ground transportation to remote cabins will be provided. Fly commercially to Colorado Springs and you will need a rental to drive the 105 miles to the event. Fly your mouse to Pueblo, CO (KPUB) and drive a rental car (also 105 miles).

Nelson Amen (trumpet)

Airnav page: https://www.airnav.com/airport/KANK

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