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Certified Flight Instructors

10/28/2015, Beech Aero Club provides this list of CFIs as a resource for club members. All people and businesses are in list because either they or a member has requested the listing.

Fine print:

  • These listings in no way constitute an endorsement by Beech Aero Club.
  • These listings are now governed by the Interim Vendor Listing Policy.
  • If you want to be added to this list or need a listing deleted or updated if you are a member please Private Message us, otherwise please use the Contact form.

Thanks all and enjoy.

It is the policy of Beech Aero Club that that the club does not endorse any particular vendor, service or products. Various members make comments, good, bad and indifferent about many things – products, vendors, people and other things and this website is meant to provide an open forum to share comments and experiences, both good and bad (and we hope mostly good). Regardless those comments are strictly the opinion of the original author or 3rd party as reported by a website participant. Such comments on the BAC website due not constitute an endorsement or criticism of any person, business, product or service by Beech Aero Club, it’s officers or the website operators.

Like anything involving risk and money we urge members and others to conduct their own diligence and care in selecting a vendor at all times, regardless of such listing here. The current status of any individual certificated by the FAA can be verified here. or the mutual benefit of both the customer and the vendor we encourage there to be a clear understanding about prices, terms and other details of the arrangement. Many customer service disputes result from failures in communication, not failures in service or product.

For any flight training activities involving actual flight operations we encourage there to be clear and unambiguous understanding of the liability and other insurance overages and rules. In particular for every flight we recommend there be explicit communication about who is Pilot-in-Command and if this is to change in-flight we strongly advise an agreement and verbalization of such hand-off. As a pilot and/or aircraft owner you will in most cases be responsible by default or if there is any doubt. As an aircraft owner or operator you alone are responsible for providing a legally airworthy aircraft if using your aircraft. If using a CFI provided or rental aircraft we encourage you to do your own due diligence as to airworthiness. Any reputable owner or operator should be happy to provide reasonable documentation on request.

We caution in particular about any arrangement involving large up-front payment(s) for training programs or certificates. The customer should obtain a detailed written disclosure about what is and is not covered by such plan and there should be clear documentation of any options or rules for refunds (or clear disclosure that there is no option for a refund). There is a legitimate use of such pre-paid programs. They enable vendors to offer discounts and lock in savings they can pass onto the customer. However, there have unfortunately been cases of businesses (aviation and otherwise) “going under” or otherwise failing to deliver on such promised prepaid services. So again, due diligence is advised. When in doubt take a pass on large pre-payments or arrive at some mutually acceptable escrow arrangement.

Editors note – we have split the education and maintenance related listings into two articles. The maintenance list including A&Ps and FAA Certified Repair Stations is here. Some individuals and businesses have activities and/or certifications in both areas, in those cases (barring editing mistakes we are happy to correct) they are listed in both places.

  • Alan Fenter
  • Peter MacPherson
    • Boston, MA
    • 781.878.1808
    • Entered/Updated: 08/25/04
    • Email:
    • petemac
  • Tom Kinstler
    • 102 Burgess Drive
    • Springville, AL
    • 35146
    • (205) 467 6432
    • (205) 467 7721
    • Email:
    • CFII and CFI ME
  • Paul Werbin
    • Virgina Beach, VA
    • 757-460-0249
  • Harry W. Ward
    • 2938 Forest Acre Ct
    • Salem, VA
    • 24153-8723
    • 540-312-0737
    • Email:
  • Bill Heiss
    • Front Range Airport
    • 37501 Cessna Way
    • Watkins, CO
    • 80137
    • 303-261-0268
    • Email:
    • CFI CFII
  • Marc Ferguson
    • 3950 W. Farm Road 72
    • Springfield, MO
    • 65803
    • 417-833-2775
    • Email:
  • Brian Garhammer
  • Scott Ryan
    • 9238 E. Pine Valley Road
    • Scottsdale, AZ
    • 85260
    • 480-223-7503
    • Email:
  • Jeff Ryndak
    • 101 Magnolia Park Trl
    • Sanford
    • Fl
    • 32773
    • 407-765-9603
    • Email:
  • Dan Dulava
    • 1730 Toyon Rd
    • Lafayette, CA
    • 94549
    • 925-285-2007
    • 925-280-8013
    • Email:
  • Christopher Mayer
  • Tom Campagnola
    • 2209 S Cooper Ct
    • Wichita, KS
    • 67207
    • 31-685-7407
    • Email:
  • Ed Delehant
  • Brian Behrend
    •  Renton, WA 98059
    • 206-427-3506
    • Email:
    • CFI CFII
  • James Brocksmith
    • 27709 254th Wy SE
    • Maple Valley, WA
    • 98038
    • 206-601-6085
    • Email:
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