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Members Insurance Plan

Beech Blanket™ is the Insurance Plan for Beech Aero Club members.

Beech Blanket™ has coverage on your Beechcraft that is significantly better than lesser insurance. Beech Blanket™ covers more of the perils which are likely to occur to Sierra, Duchess, Skipper, Musketeer, Sundowner and Sport airplanes.

Beech Blanket™ adds many special benefits too such as “agreed value” which pre-sets your reimbursement in case of a total loss. Your claim is not lowered by depreciation or a decline in market value. If your plane is exceptional, Beech Blanket™ will insure it to exceptional limits.

If you are an AOPA member you get the member discount.

Curiously, if you are a renewing customer the company which underwrites your policy may change from year to year. This is a strength of Beech Blanket™. Before a policy is offered to you, it is shopped for lowest price and best coverage in all insurance markets by A+M so you don’t have to!

Beech Blanket™ is only offered by Aircraft and Marine Assurance Agency, Inc. of Vancouver, Washington. We have been a member and enthusiastic sponsor of the Beech Aero Club since 2004. We write in every state and our Beech Blanket™ coverage extends to Bahamas, Canada, Central America Cuba, and Mexico and includes renter’s and borrowed airplane insurance.

Contact us at for a quick and easy quotation on your Beech aircraft. The superior Beech Blanket™ policy will be fitted to your needs, your experience and your flying style at full value.

Protect yourself, your plane, your passengers and the public with coverage by Beech Blanket™ from Aircraft and Marine Assurance Agency, Inc.

Call for a quotation at 800-466-4944.
Email us at:

This is a general description of coverage. Only the terms written in the policy apply, which may vary from state to state.

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