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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

Cannot Login

If you are having trouble logging in it is very likely due to a problem with cookies from the WordPress portion of the old site.

for help on how to clear all cookies. Note that that this will log out out of almost everything.

  • Following those instructions clear all cookies for:
    • www.beechaeroclub.org
    • beechaeroclub.org

Member Only Content Warning

If you are having trouble after logging in (particularly seeing the Member Only content warning) it is very likely due to a problem with cached pages or your membership is either expired or did not import properly. The solution is to clear your browser cache (which will not log you out of anything as long as you do not select clearing cookies).

***If you had your username it could have impacted the ability to import your transactions.  This can cause you to not have been setup as a member.  Please let us know and we can adjust and reimport.***

We have a new self-help membership troubleshooting page.  Go to:

  • https://www.beechaeroclub.org/membership-checker
    • Note this page only works if you are logged in.  If you are not logged in it will send you back here.
  • If you see all Green and no Red boxes on this page your status within the site software is correct and you have a problem with caching.
  • If you see a Red box it indicates the site does not think you are a current member or there is some other inconsistency.  See the notes on the page for details.


The following Chrome and Firefox plugins are suggested as they make it much simpler to clear your cache and cookies.

Member Assistance

If none of that helps please reach out to us by submitting a request  at our new Member Assistance page at:

That page will allow you to request assistance even if you are not logged in.  If you are logged in the ticket will be automatically associated with you.  If you cannot log in please make sure to provide a working email (and optionally a phone number).




Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.