Model Serialization List


Serial Number and Production History

ModelSerial NumbersSales YearNumber Produced
Beech 19 FAA Designator: BE19904
A23-19MB-1 through MB-1661966166
A23-19MB-167 through MB-2881967122
19AMB-289 through MB-3921968104
19AMB-393 through MB-460196968
M19AMB-461 through MB-480 NOTE: These serials sold to Mexico196920
B19MB-481 through MB-493197013
B19MB-494 through MB-520197127
B19MB-521 through MB-557197237
B19MB-558 through MB-621197364
B19MB-622 through MB-715, MB-717 through MB-730 except MB-723 which was cancelled and replaced by MB-6231974107
B19MB-716, MB-731 through MB-778197549
B19MB-779 through MB-813, MB-815, MB-816197637
B19MB-814, MB-817 through MB-865197750
B19MB-866 through MB-905197840
Beech 23 FAA Designator: BE232390
23M-1, M-2, M-4 through M-5541963553
A23M-3, M-555 through M-9001965346
A23AM-901 through M-994196694
A23AM-995 through M-1068196774
A23AM-1069 through M-1094196826
B23M-1095 through M-1162196868
B23M-1163 through M-12841969122
C23M-1285 through M-1290, M-1292 through M-1297,M-1299, M-1300 and M-1303197015
C23M-1291, M-1298, M-1301, M-1302, M-1304 through M-1361197162
C23M-1362 through M-1412, M-1415, M-1419,M-1423, M-1439, M-1447197256
C23M-1413, M-1414, M-1416, M-1417, M-1418, M-1420, M-1421, M-1422, M-1424 through M-1438, M-1440 through M-1446, M-1448 through M-1490197373
C23M-1491 through M-1585, M-1587 through M-15991974108
C23M-1586, M-1600 through M-1726, M-1728 through M-17471975148
C23M-1727, M-1748 through M-1874, M-1876 through M-18791976132
C23M-1875, M-1880 through M-1970, M-1972 through M-19791977100
C23M-1971, M-1980 through M-2085, M-2087 through M-20921978113
C23M-2086, M-2093 through M-2223, M-2225 through M-22331979141
C23M-2224, M-2234 through M-2292198060
C23M-2293 through M-2341198149
C23M-2342 through M-2368198226
C23M-2369 through M-2392198324
Beech 24 FAA Designator: BE241161
A23-24MA-1 through MA-1221966122
A23-24MA-123 through MA-2721967150
A23-24MA-273 through MA-335196863
A23-24MA-336 through MA-363196928
A24MA-364 through MA-36819705
A24RMC-2 through MC-21, MC-24 through MC-38, MC-40, MC-41, MC-44 through MC-47, MC-49 through MC-62, MC-66, MC-67, MC-69, MC-70197059
A24RMC-22, MC-23, MC-39, MC-42, MC-43, MC-48, MC-63, MC-64, MC-65, MC-68, MC-71 through MC-95197135
A24RMC-96 through MC-150197255
B24RMC-152 through MC-190197339
B24RMC-191 through MC-292, MC-294 through MC-3041974113
B24RB24R MC-293, MC-305 through MC-381, MC-383, MC-384, MC-385197581
B24RB24R MC-382, MC-386 through MC-448, MC-450, MC-451197666
C24RMC-449, MC-452 through MC-532, MC-534 through MC-536197785
C24RC24R MC-533, MC-537 through MC-619197884
C24RC24R MC-620 through MC-688 and MC-690 through MC-701197981
C24RC24R MC-689, MC-702 through MC-740198040
C24RC24R MC-741 through MC-764198124
C24RC24R MC-765 through MC-782198218
C24RMC-783 through MC-795198313
 NOTE: The following is a list of fixed gear, 200 hp Musketeers, Model A23-24 and Model A24 which were factory equipped with constant speed propellers:


[br]A23-24: MA-1, MA-185, MA-188, MA-189, MA-190, MA-191, MA-192, MA-195, MA-196, MA-197, MA-198, MA-199, MA-201, MA-210, MA-212, MA-214, MA-215, MA-216, MA-219, MA-222, MA-227, MA-228, MA-229, MA-230, MA-236, MA-240, MA-243, MA-246, MA-247, MA-248, MA-254, MA-259, MA-260, MA-263, MA-266, MA-267, MA-268, MA-280, MA-283, MA-287, MA-288, MA-289, MA-290, MA-291, MA-292, MA-293, MA-294, MA-295, MA-297, MA-298, MA-301, MA-302, MA-303, MA-304, MA-306, MA-310, MA-311, MA-312, MA-314, MA-315, MA-316, MA-318, MA-326, MA-329, MA-330, MA-331, MA-334, MA-337, MA-339, MA-340, MA-341, MA-342, MA-344, MA-345, MA-346, MA-349, MA-352, MA-353, MA-354, MA-355, MA-357, MA-358, MA-360, MA-362, MA-363

[br]Model A24: MA-366

Beech 76 FAA Designator: BE76437
76ME-1 through ME-72197872
76ME-73 through ME-282 and ME-284 through ME-2861979213
76ME-283, ME-287 through ME-371198086
76ME-372 through ME-426198155
76ME-427 through ME-437198211
Beech 77 FAA Designator: BE77312
77WA-1 through WA-47197947
77WA-48 through WA-1871980140
77WA-188 through WA-3121981125

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