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3rd Annual Southeast Fly-In at Falcon Field, [FFC] – 21 May 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen list of attendees is growing rapidly. We are about to surpass last year’s numbers. Let’s not stop now. We need a decisive victory over Northeast region. Well, in reality NE gang can never even come close to us. We are still missing quite a few folks who attended last year and are not on the list this year. Boys and girls, we started this tradition of spring Fly-In at FFC. Let’s keep on raising the bar. Please go to the photo gallery section and check out the photos of last year’s Fly-In at FFC. For those who are joining us for the first time, we are parking at the same grass field as shown in the photos from last year.

Remember to bring your cameras. We’ll need a lot of photos of the largest Musketeer Gathering ever. Can we get 30 airplanes? Maybe? You’ll have to cove over to find out. We’ll love to see you at the fly-in.

Plan on meeting at FFC around 10:00 AM. That’ll give us enough time to pick up supplies at Aircraft Spruce and then head for the Hotdogs and sodas. Following is a list of attendees. I’m sure the list will grow rapidly as the day approaches near. Please e-mail me directly if you would like to attend fly-in. My e-mail is: o_iftikhar@bellsouth.net

Please do not hesitate to call me at home if you need more information. 770-914-3490.

1.Chuz Chamberlin Sundowner Aerobat.

2. Jim

3. Pete Hecht N24PD

4. Osman Iftikhar N61526

5. Tom Kinstlet

6. Brad Mitchell

7. John Perry

8. Mark & MarryBeth Perry [Ann Arbour, MI]

9. Mike, Paula & Mighty Dog Sky

10. David Snodgrass

11. Bob Steward

12. Cloyd Van Hook

13. Mike Earrey N6713F

14. Jimmie Henson

15. Digger & Deb N6681X

16. Ed & Holly N1476L

17. Steve Robertson N4732J Super

18. David Crouch Sierra N22PH

19. Doug Besselman C23 N5167M


Osman Iftikhar


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