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Ashlight – LED Light Replacement for Ashtray

Ever since I bought my own plane I’ve been wondering what to do with the ashtray to make it functional – you probably figured out I don’t smoke. I recently came across an ad for a four LED unit that takes the place of the ashtray. It runs on AAA batteries and snaps into the existing ashtray opening. It can be used for cabin lighting during start-up/shutdown night operations or in case the electric goes south.

The unit sells for $34.95 + $3.95 shipping. http://www.pinnacleproducts.biz/ I put the ashtray LED unit in the plane. It snapped in like it was factory installed. It gives off quite a bit of light. It uses two AAA batteries, which are not included. It will be a great backup light or good for preflight at night, just flip the switch, no fumbling for the flashlight. I’m considering buying one to replace the ashtray on the copilot’s side! David Snodgrass BAC East Central Regional Director Beech Be23 N6083N North Manchester, IN

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