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Atlantic City Fly-in Update – March 12

The snow must be impacting my lower brain pan housing. I thought I posted this update yesterday but can’t find it. Forgive me if both messages show up at the same time!

The Baby Beech Fly-in is scheduled for March 12 at Bader Field (KAIY) Atlantic City NJ. We have an even dozen planes committed to be there and 14 more maybe participating (annuals, other commitments, etc). I anticipate that we will have more as we get a bit closer to the date.There is no formal program planned. This will be a very informal gathering to swap lies, trade stories, compare planes, and whatever else provides lift.

Plan on arriving at KAIY around 10AM. Mark Klieger is the FBO manager, our host and a fellow mouse driver.

I figured we could spin yarns for an hour and a half or so and then adjoin to the Boardwalk or casinos for lunch or whatever for those who are so inclined. Remember, the entire family and friends are welcome.

Be sure to check the AIM or AOPA for airport information. Also – this is a VFR only event. Safety first – do not exceed your personal minimums getting there. I will be watching the WX closely and will post a message here if the weather goes down and we decide to cancel.

C’mon down (or up, or over or whatever) and meet and greet your fellow Baby Beech addicts!


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