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Atlantic City – NOT!

The weather is going down on Friday, continuing through Saturday and Sunday is less than balmy also. We expect that a low will be sitting in the area and travel in the area, especially to/from the north will be MVFR at best. Anticipate snow, freezing rain and low ceilings Friday through Saturday morning. The crud will move on by Saturday afternoon sometime but will be followed by winds at KAIY from the WNW at 21 gusting to 42 at sea level! Too much for this cowboy.I spoke to FSS and they confirmed as best they could that the general forecast is pretty accurate.

Sorry to say that the Baby Beech fly-in will not be happening . It is just too ugly and dangerous. Marc said he will be at the FBO if anyone happens by.

So, the second annual planned Atlantic City Fly-in is a bust. Ivan and TFRs last year and a messy storm this year.

We do not have a rain date. There is a lot on the calendar with other activities and fly-ins for the next few months so hopefully we can all get together at one of the alternates.

Thanks to all who said they were or maybe were going to attend. We’ll make this happen yet – but not this time.

Safe Flying,


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