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BAC @ Arlington 2010 is History

Well, it’s all behind us for this year! At least for a little while.I’m sure we will be planning for next year soon enough tho.

So, for BAC it was a very productive event. We signed up around 7 new (or ex/expired) members, and really got the news out there to MANY Aero Center aircraft owners that either didn’t know we existed, or didn’t see the value of BAC membership. For the latter…. that was quickly dispelled with the demonstration of the nooks and crannies available to members on our website. Thank you Mark G so much for your hard and tireless efforts. Your contribution has not gone un-noticed!

We had one visitor that operates scores (60+?) of our airplanes (OK, so he was a huge college flight school), and was excited to show his fleet of mechanics what we offer, and I feel that MUCH could be learned if we get them in our ranks. In fact, when I asked him what sort(s) of problems he has been seeing with his fleet, he brought up things I never heard or thought of …. at least in my recent memory. So the issues he and his A&P crew sees, is certainly going to be important for us. Let’s hope we can sign them up. I will follow up with him as soon as I can.

We also had a few vendors that, after seeing BACTalk, showed interest in commercial advertising with us, certainly something that we will discuss and follow up on. One vendor had a very interesting device, that 4 of us BACers bought, plus one non-BACer (John Radysh will work on getting him, right). I have, in my very recent flying history, discovered the need, at least for me, of this device. For me I see it as a real safety issue for my short arms and the placement of our flap mechanisms …… but more on that in another forum or article. But he DID make a deal we couldn’t refuse, and I am working with him on a discount for BAC members.

I will try to post a more comprehensive report about the Arlington event, but for now I am really behind the 8 ball regarding work, so I have to hit it hard for a while. I invite any/all that attended to either post in the forum discussion, or email your input to write up once I get some free time.

Thank you all for your time and resources in helping make this a GREAT event for BAC!!!!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.