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BAC Birthday Bash East SouthEast

Since I still have the BAC SE Banner, and if I can get the use of the local FBO on Saturday July 2nd, would anyone be interested in flying in to 34A (Laurens County, South Carolina)? We can supplement Cloyd’s feeble attempt at a BAC birthday cake.I would plan on chow and gab, but no work activities due to the potential summer heat. It is usually pretty low humidity; and pretty pleasant early in the morning and late in the evening. I suppose that if the crowd is small and we can stay inside the air-conditioned FBO, I could possibly demonstrate selector valve or fuel cap o-ring replacement.

I might be able to get the runway striped for a spot landing contest, and we could have a $2 or $5 pool for a fly-in lottery (lucky number wins the pot). I could make some small parts available (o-ring kits, etc.), and others could bring salable spares for a swap meet. There won’t be much else to do in a place like Laurens.

If I can get definite confirmations for at least five planes, I’ll go talk to the Airport Authority. I doubt I could get many concessions for too small a group, even though they are good folks. Fuel is still under $3 per gallon, normal price. It is a small field with only a GPS approach (the NDB is being decommisioned), but they have a nice ramp and FBO building.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.