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BAC denim shirts and golf shirts are in the mail

I just finished putting the last shirts from the second order of BAC shirts in the mail. I was shorted three shirts and those members have been notified. My vendor was a casualty of Katrina. I think I’ve located another vendor and will be taking orders.I have the three “missing shirts” to replace and a few folks sent in orders after the deadline last July.

I expect to be able to furnish denim shirts, mens and ladies, long and short sleeves. The price SHOULD remain $35 which includes, LA sales tax, shipping and your tail number. Hopefully I can do the golf shirts again too. Those were $32 last time. I’ll have to confirm that price. Last time I did white only. I’ll have to see what other colors we may try. These were supposed to be in mens and ladies sizes but they turned out to be all men’s shirts. Hopefully I can do better this time.

Denim and golf shirts came in men’s and ladies S, M, L, XL (and I think 2XL and 3XL for the denim although larger sizes were from a different vendor and were slightly darker).

If you’re interested in either the denim shirts or the golf shirts, e-mail me at cloydvanhook@yahoo.com. Don’t plan on having them for Christmas presents but hopefully I can put an order together to ship shortly after new year.

I don’t have a picture of the golf shirt posted, I’ll try to do that or maybe someone more digital savy that bought one can do so. You can find a picture of the denim shirts by searching “denim shirt” and looking on the post labeled BAC logo wear available that was posted on 7/12/05.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.