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BAC Fest 2006 New Information

Raytheon has a couple of requests from us and there has been some concern over the close proximity of the McConnell AFB Class D Airspace. If you are planning on attending BAC Fest, Click the Title Above to find out more information.

BAC Fest Info

We have been requested by Raytheon to bring your own chocks as well as tie downs that will work in the grass. We will be parking along the old runway at the southwest corner of Raytheon, by the plant 2 entrance.

Beech Field Arrival Instructions

Beech Field Tower is open until 7:00 PM on Wed, Thurs, and Friday. If you can schedule your flights to arrive before 7:00 PM, that would be best. If you know you will be arriving after 7:00 PM, please contact Dave Buttram directly at dbuttram@aol.com for any special instructions.

Beech Tower has already talked to Wichita Approach and McConnell AFB and they are aware that we are coming. If you are coming in IFR you will have no problems. If you are coming in VFR all that you need to do is to contact Beech Tower on 126.8 when you are 15-20 miles out and they will let you know the best way to proceed. The Beech Factory Field frequencies are:

Unicom 122.95

Tower 126.8

Ground/Clearance Delivery 121.7

CTAF 122.7

Also, in the event one departs when the tower is closed, clearance delivery frequency will be 125.0 at Wichita.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.