We are going to try and get some BAC members together at the upcoming Canadian Aviation Expo in Oshawa, ON. The regional banner has arrived, so all we need now is a few members! This event will count towards PT Points, so fly your machine to Oshawa between June 22-24, 2007!Bruce Dwyer has graciously stepped up to the plate to help me out on this event. I am unable to attend due to two things, 1) I live on the other side of the continent 2) My second son was born 9 days ago and I will be staying close to home for a while.

Bruce will try and organize a meeting or get-together for BAC members during the Expo. If you are heading over to Oshawa, with or without plane, please contact Bruce at dwyer_bruce@yahoo.com or drop by the Algonquin College booth and say hi (Bruce runs the Aviation program there and will probably be nearby the booth at most times)!


Braden Messenger

International Director – BAC

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.