Hilton Software LLC is offering a 10% discount to BAC members on its WingX software suite for Windows Mobile computers and SmartPhones (such as the Pocket PC, Blackberry, and iPhone).WingX puts the complete AF/D, AIM, FARs, and all IFR approach plates for the entire US in the palm of your hand, along with all the weather information you used to be able to get by walking in to a flight service station.

I’ve been using WingX for about a year now, to download realtime prog charts, METARs and TAFs, TFRs, satellite images, radar summaries, real-time regional radar animations, winds and temperatures aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs… just about everything you need to prepare for an IFR or VFR flight. Plus, it contains a very user-friendly electronic E6B. WingX stores its complete databases on my Blackberry’s microSD card, and updates them over the air as needed. Chart subscriptions update your approach plates every 28 days. A desktop agent lets you manage the update process from your home PC, transfering files to your smartphone as needed.

I just had lunch withWingX developer Hilton Goldstein, a fellow CFII. After only a little arm-twisting, Hilton agreed to extend a 10% discount to Beech Aero Club members. Just include your BAC member number when ordering.

Visit hiltonsoftware.com from your desktop or laptop for details, or download the program directly over the air by pointing your smartphone browser to mobile.hiltonsoftware.com.

Let’s see now: should I lug around 30 pounds of books, or a few ounces of Blackberry? Tough choice!

Safe skies,
H. Paul Shuch
BAC NE Regional Director

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.