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BAC Membership is on the rise!

A lot of you have noticed and some have commented in the chat box about the recent growth of the BAC membership. There’s a good reason for that! The membership drive started on April 20th with a letter from our president, Cloyd Van Hook. The letter was sent…… to the FAA registered owners of baby Beeches that are not yet members of BAC. Arriving around April 25th, nearly 2500 letters were sent and we’re not finished yet!

Later this month, a second mailer will go out to those registered FAA owners that still haven’t joined. This will be a four-color postcard aimed at getting the procrastinator nudged into signing up. We hope to get 100 new owners when it’s all said and done. As of May 7 we’ve gotten 21 new members which is a very good start.

And speaking of starts, if you haven’t started your own recruitment campaign, there’s no time like the present. Standing by are files you can download to customize your own BAC business card, 8.5 by 11 inch posters suitable for FBO bulletin boards and a list of non-members in your area that you could contact personally! Let’s see which one of us can sponsor the most new members!

The club’s efforts are designed to increase the membership so that we all benefit. By enlarging the membership we create interest on the part of manufacturers, parts suppliers, after-marketers, and others. This helps us to keep our planes flying safely and may provide enhancements that could never be achieved if we don’t stick together.

Of course, the financial firepower of the club is improved with new members so we can continue to pursue projects like our special tool rental program, parts procurement activities, STC development, BAC Fest and more!

This August another four color postcard will go out to the remaining non-members out there inviting them to BAC Fest ’07. This is designed to show the non-members the type of activities they can enjoy by becoming a member. We hope to have dozens of new faces attend our national event, eager to join and contribute to the cause.

Also, if you want to keep up with our progress, click on “Member Info” at the top center of the website then click on “Member List” and you can see the current number of members (just on the left). Take note of these new members, some may be near you and a nice welcome note to get together would be a good idea.

So do your part, help BAC grow and be proud to watch the numbers rise…we will all soar together!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.