Alrighty, then. Against all odds, the BAC Northeast Fly-In is happening! It is evolving, true, but (shhhh!) the Wx Gods are cooperating. Here are some details for those coming to Westfield (BAF).Arrival is planned for 10:00 (but I will be from 08:00 on). BAF tower is forewarned, er, ready for us. We will, of course, not be doing anything fancy (or dumb) like a mass fly over and break out. But if anyone wants to ask for a low pass the tower has no problem, traffic permitting.

Once on the ground mention to the tower you are here for the Beech Fly-In and they will direct you to our parking area (it’s in front of the Terminal).

After we all “ooh” and “ahh” over each others planes, we will have a short, “formal” BAC meeting and then we will commence with the “program”.

Ah, the program…we got shut out on three different “field trips” I was trying to set up. Either they couldn’t do it (Air Guard tours) or there was not enough time to make it work (couple others).

So we are having a cook out and some down home fun. Five Star Jet Center has offered us the use of their facilities for the picnic. We will have awards for Longest Trip In and vote on some other categories concerning our steeds.

If anyone wants to bring a dish, we would be ecstatic.

If anyone has a place they would like to visit while here, Five Star has almost “instant” service from Enterprise Rentals.

Breakout would seem to be anytime after 14:30 or 15:00. Many of you expressed concerns about time to get home (before sunset or re WX). So this takes all the time pressure off and we can just relax and enjoy matching up faces with email addresses.

More details later…but my Boss wants the Office internet connection for business now (harrumph).

Steve Cote,

NE Ringmaster

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.