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BAC North Central Fly-in / EAA Rocky Mountain Regional Airshow update:

We hope to see as many BAC members (from any region!) as possible at the BAC fly-in during the EAA Regional event on June Friday 22 – Sunday June 24. This is a 3-day fly-in for the EAA held at Front Range Airport (KFTG) near Denver, CO, and airshows will be performed Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Saturday will be various aerobatic routines, and Sunday’s show will have a warbird focus. Saturday is our BAC target day, Friday is rather quiet, but certainly either weekend day will have much to offer. Various technical and operational seminars and workshops will be conducted on all 3 days.

BAC will have a dedicated parking area near the main show area. We plan to have a canopy and chairs available, and some hand-outs on the history of the Musketeers and BAC club info.

BAC functions will include dinner Friday and Saturday evening, and a group lunch on Saturday and Sunday, as necessary. Many other activites and seminars will be conducted as part of the EAA event.

Assisting will be BAC member John Waterman, who has a hangar and Musketeer on the field. He will be the primary contact for anyone arriving on Friday, as I’ll not be in town until late afternoon. His cell # is 303-598-6036.

It’s important you review the Fly-in information on the EAA website. It includes a schedule of events, a map of the show layout, and fly-in procedures. Also, information on nearby hotels and rental cars (on the field) is all there. Don’t wait to make your reservations! Everything you need to know is on there. Click here for detailed information Rocky Mountain EAA Fly-In. There is information about hotels, rental cars, schedules, etc. And you can click “Pilot Info” to find the airshow layout map as well as the designated BAC parking area.

I want to compile a list of attendees and need to give EAA an aircraft count, so please e-mail me ASAP with your intentions to participate, and on what day(s).

Once you land, inform ground control that you want to taxi to the Beech Club parking area. Bring grass tie-down equipment if you’re staying over night. Camping is available as well. Plan on paying the EAA the appropriate fee if you want to register your aircraft.

Feel free to call me 303-881-2297 with any questions.

See you there!

Mike Ferguson


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.