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BAC Regional Director of the Year Award

Being a regional director can be rewarding and challenging. There is more to the job than just adding fly-ins to the calendar. RD’s help members, recruit new members, participate in board meetings, host fly-ins and much more. So, in an effort to recognize top level performance, your BAC Board of Directors has approved and authorized a reward program called, “Regional Director of the Year.” Here is the program:BEECH AERO CLUB

“Regional Director of the Year Award”

Feb. 2009

The purpose of the Regional Director of the Year award is to recognize the BAC Regional Director who, in the opinion of the BAC Executive Committee, does the most in the course of the calendar year to promote the Beech Aero Club, provide leadership to the regional members, participates in BAC activities and further the cause of Beech aircraft.

The winning Regional Director will receive 12 month extension to his/her current membership, a shirt and a recognition plaque.

The Executive Committee will consider all Regional Directors’ efforts in the first two weeks of January for the preceding year’s performance and the announcement will be made before the end of January. The Committee’s decision will be final

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.