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Beech Day 2009 Coming Up! Plus Northwest Region Fly-in Plans!

Beech Day 2009 looks to be an especially worthwhile event this year….Lots of new changes including at least 4 informative seminars, Static Displays, and more.
Hopefully attendance will qualify for the new FAA “FAAST” program credit.
This year, for the first time, a $10 donation is asked, but ……..that ten bucks gets you a BBQ lunch, access to a series of informative seminars, and a free Beech Day t-shirt for the first 120 people, as well as a day of information, visits with other pilots, and a Columbia Valley wine tasting.

UPDATED 05-23-09

Just received from the DOT FAA FAASTEAM some more info about BeechDay 2009. It came first class in the mail directly from the FAA, with the main jist being (in BOLD type)
Aviation Safety Information. It says: (quote)

SE Washington Fly-in and Beech Day
Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 9:00 am

4 Safety Seminars, displays, demos, booths & much more, plus lunch for only $10! What are the common issues found during inspections? How can you save operating costs? Learn about STC products and mods available for your plane. When is it time to balance your propeller? Learn how better to communicate with ATC and take advantage of all the support that ATC offers.

(end quote)

So, It looks as if the seminars will indeed qualify under the FAA’s FAAST program. I have driving directions if there is anyone that needs them (I sure hope I don’t….I need VFR).

Anyone care to share their intentions as to attendance? I am trying to get the BAC banner, and permission to fly it (proudly). It would ne nice to know who hopes to make it.

Fly Safe!

This year, Beech Day 2009 is moving and will be hosted at Bergstrom’s East Ramp @ the Tri-Cities Airport, (KPSC) Pasco, WA on Saturday June 6th

For more info about BeechDay 2009, check out their website at the Beech Day 2009 Website (try it, but it seems to be broken right now)

PLEASE NOTE that I have placed a new poll in the polls section (under General Resources), or click HERE

and would really appreciate some input as to what sort of events the membership would be interested in seeing planned.
The responsibilities of being a Regional director can be overwhelming when it comes to planning Fly-ins (and even writing Regional reports for BAC Talk)
………………………….so your comments and contributions are very much appreciated….. even needed!
If you would be interested in seeing several of the selections, you will have to “vote” several separate times, since only one can be selected per voting session.
EDITED…I was wrong, you can only vote once, so you will have to “Post Comment” on the page that shows the poll results to make note of additional selections.

In hopes of stimulating interest for a BAC event, I am asking that any/all Northwest members chime in on what they would like to see for a BAC only fly in.

Some ideas being kicked around include:

A Fly-in to my home field of La Grande, Oregon for my AWESOME smoked Prime Rib, Golf, or other attractions like:

Historic Union Hotel for Lodging …..
Historic Union Hotel Website
Challenging 18 hole Links golf. ………Buffalo Peak Golf Course
Our only local winery…………………
Gilstrap Winery
The Manuel Bronze foundry/Resort..
Hot Lake Resort
Old Chinese underground city……….
Pendleton Underground
Our local “Swiss Alps”…………………
Wallowa Lake Resort
Tourist town near Wallowa Lake……
Joseph Oregon

Also, our local A&P IA is willing to host some sort of maintenance clinic, if we can come up with a consensus of what we’d want beforehand.

A Fly-in to Sunriver, Oregon for golf, microbrews (for overnighters!), or other local attractions.

Fellow BAC’er Ben Auker has graciously offered to assist with an event here, since he recently got hired on staff at the resort, he feels some “perks” may be available to our attendees. Such as: $25 golf, canoe rentals, white water rafting, lift tickets at Bachelor, horse riding, bike rentals, swimming pool, nature center, tennis, spa treatments (for the ladies), and the High Desert Museum. He is new to the staff there, and hopes in a couple of weeks he can “nail down” some things for us.

Here is an excerpt from the Bend Chamber of Commerce Site, and some links for more info.

Bordered by mountainous pine forests on the west and high desert on the east, Bend is a hub of Central Oregon activity, minutes away from an endless list of recreational pursuits:
• World-class downhill and cross-country skiing at Mt. Bachelor Ski Area.
• Rafting, canoeing and kayaking on the Deschutes River.
• Hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the Deschutes national Forest.
• Golfing on several great courses.
• Picnicking in Drake Park along the Deschutes River downtown.
• Incredible fly-fishing.
• Stargazing on summer weekends at Pine Mountain Observatory, 30 miles from town.

Here’s a few links:

Deschutes Brewery and Public House Great micros!!
Sunriver Resort
Bend Brewing
High Desert Museum

Also in the back of our minds … is a Camping style fly in at the
Nehalem Bay airstrip. While space is limited (ten tent sites I think) and on a first come first served basis, it could be a lot of fun for those of us that like the outdoors. The strip is situated on the bay, but the ocean is a very short walk away as well.

What we need to know, is how many BAC’ers would like to see what particular sorts of things arranged (ie; how many golfers, how many microbrew nuts (like me), shoppers, eaters, sightseers campers, etc).
The more that give input, the more we can plan events that we will all enjoy, so PLEASE, take the time and drop a line to me at….
…. and help the entire Northwest Region “make their mark” on the BAC Calender of events!!

Thank you all four your ideas and support!

Thom Smith
Northwest Regional Director
67 Super III

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.