Hi all! Very successful BEECHDAY – By my count –

Musketeers – 3 (5 crew)

Sports – 3 (5 crew)

Sundowners, Sierras, Skippers, Dutchesses – 0States represented – 2 – Washington – 4 Oregon – 2

Foreign Countries (like, for instance, Canada) – 0

Walk-on Musketeer owners – 2 Including one brand new pilot THAT DAY!

Members of BAC – 3 – all Founding members

A/C unknown to me before arrival – 2

Planes of folks I had actual contact before – 3

Other Fly-in planes (since this was actually sponsored by Bonanza Society – had to let them land…)

V-tail Bonanzas – 7

Barron – 1

Cherokee 140 – 1

Lancair IVP – 1

Display A/C

Pretty Green/Yellow V-Tail (Drex’s) (model for T-Shirts) – 1

Other V-tail – 2

Straight Tail – 2

Straight Tail w/ 500HP turboprop – 1

BRAND NEW Barron – 1

Beech 18 twin w/ Cool – Navy warbird paint – 1

Staggerwing BRIGHT red – very cool – 1

Lancair IV-P – 1

Other arrivals –

C-172 w/ Turboprop Bonanza crew – 1

Cherokee 6 who thought we were in his way and blasted me with dirt – 1

Rockwell 114 – going shopping @ mall – 1

Staff (hundreds, at least!) all in cool V-tail shirts w/ Yellow/green emblems & new Beechcraft hats

Lunch – Great Burgers & dogs!

Temp – cooler, then HOT!

Commercial Displays – 4?

Angel Flight, some equipment folks, Bogert Aviation (Richard and Cathy and their dad!)

The new BARRON (Anybody loan me a cool $million?)

Flybys – 4-5

Lancair IV-P said he was doing 245KTS (ROWWEWW)

Beech-18 FULL TILT big bore radials!

Barron – maybe 200KTS BUT LOUD!

Stagger wing – I GOTTA get one of them, someday when I grow up!

Thanks to: Chep and Kay Gauntt, their son Drex & daughter-in-law, Brother Dr. Kim from Sportsman Field – Newburg, all the sponsors, cooks, cleaners, and especially Ben Tuttle & wife Angela for loaning their FBO and all their work to put this on! Included staff and cart drivers: Morgan Gauntt, Dennis Nichols, Bruce Marboe, David Wyatt, Ken Soares, Gene Glatt and MANY others!

Bill Scott took beautiful pix of each plane touching down (except I came in too early durn it!) and printed out 8x10s for each arrival – watch this site for links to his pix.

Also, special thanks to John Cantwell (deceased) for passing on several bottles of Bravura Del Sol after sun rub to his daughter Ann (Howard) used to put out a MAJOR sunburn on you-know-who’s arms neck and legs. Maybe more info on this subject than needed.

I’ll post all the pix and names of the Musketeers loaded here on the BAC site.

I’m heading out tomorrow O-dark-30 for a week in Terre Haute Indiana for work, but I’ll get all this stuff done out there…

CU up there!

Bill Howard


N1927W 1973 Sport 150

Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.