I’m trying to get the correct “common name” associated with the model name for BAC aircraft. Many I know, some I got from other sources which might be incorrect. If you can let me know in the comments section which designations I might have incorrect and what the correct values are, I would appreciate it!19A : Musketeer Sport

23 : Musketeer

76 : Duchess

77 : Skipper

A23 : Musketeer II

A23-19 : Musketeer Sport III

A23-24 : Super Musketeer

A23A : Musketeer II

A24 : Musketeer Super III

A24R : Super R

B19 : Sport 150

B23 : Musketeer Custom III

B24R : Sierra 200

C23 : Sundowner

C24R : Sierra

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.