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Discount Club Donut Special (bulk Club order special in progress )

With the Baby Beech product line, it is not if, but when to replace landing gear donuts.  Recently AEC had a significant price increase for several of their products. Donuts are now listed on their website at $780 for a set retractable or $740 for a set fixed gear. Three sets are needed per airplane. Currently if you ordered these shock discs from anywhere else they would be astronomical in price. (If someone knows differently please correct me.)

Current price of retracts $780 a set (need 2 plus one set of fixed for nose gear) plus shipping

Current price of fixed $ 740 (need 3) plus shipping

I am putting together a bulk order list. The donuts are all the newly manufactured ones. The splitting problem was with retract donuts. The donuts do not have a shelf life. So if a member wanted to purchase one or two sets instead of all three that would be okay. Can soften the financial burden when the total replacement is needed. I plan on getting this list and order done by December 31, 2016.

We are getting a better price than above by ordering bulk. The above price and incentives are being discussed.

I know many of you have purchased these in the past but for those that haven’t yet maybe this will help.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.