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Electronics International FP-5 Fuel Flow System

I have been looking at the JPI FS-450 Fuel Flow Gage for a while, but in looking at alternatives, I decided to go with EI. The primary reason is that their system has recently been STC’d as a direct replacement for the existing Fuel Pressure Gage for all Beech Musketeers, Sundowners etc.

The FP-5 has the same features as the FS-450, plus some extras. It displays Fuel Flow, Fuel Used, Fuel Remaining and Time to Empty, as well as Fuel Pressure. This requires a Fuel Pressure Module, and the unit is precalibrated to the Upper and Lower Fuel Pressure limits at the factory. In addition, it also shows Percent HP, and has several user-programmable alarms. You can preset two low level alarms (in gallons), as well as a low level Time to Empty. It also allows you to program a recurring fuel used alarm. I set this to 5 gallons as a reminder for me to switch tanks. In the Fuel Used Mode, you can display fuel used since fill up as well as fuel used for the current flight. They also offer a version that can be wired to a GPS, and will display additional features.

I can’t say enough about their Customer Service – they are the most helpful people I’ve ever dealt with. When I first inquired about their unit, they informed me that they were waiting for the Fuel Pressure STC, and advised me to hold off ordering. As soon as the STC was signed off, they let me know. They also recommended some vendors who had the best prices. I ordered the system through Chief Aircraft, and the next day, EI called back to thank me for the order and to get additional information for the STC (Model, Serial Number, Engine Type, Fuel Pressure Limits). They said they would ship the unit to me in a couple of days. That was on a Friday, and I received it the following Tuesday.

The system includes the instrument, transducer and wiring harness for $568. The Fuel Pressure Module is an additional $175. ($10 for shipping but no sales tax in Oregon). As mentioned, it replaces the 2-1/4″ Fuel Pressure Gage so there’s no hole to cut in the panel, and you’ll need new fuel hoses from the fuel pump to the transducer and from the transducer to the fuel servo or carburetor. If you check the EI website (www.buy-ei.com) they even have a video showing the functions and operation. If you’re considering such a system, it’s definitely worth a look.

Submitted by Ron Sellers


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