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Evaluation of Clarity Aloft Headset

Just wanted to share my experiences with the Clarity Aloft headset . John Waterman, a frequent contributor to Musketeermail, first brought the headsets to our attention a few months ago. His brother owns Clarity Aloft so John was careful to walk the fence. Since I have no relatives or interest in the company I can tell you my honest opinion. The headsets are great! I don’t believe it reduces the engine noise anymore than my David Clark 13.4 headphones but the clarity of sound in the headsets and through the microphone are superior. The less sweat factor is a definite bonus because I’m not dealing with the big ear seals of conventional headsets. Because the unit is very lightweight and fits comfortably around the back and side of my head I don’t have to reposition it during flight like I had to with my David Clarks. It took me a few tries to get the insertion of the earplugs right for optimum ambient sound reduction and voice clarity.

If you have ever used foam inserts for noisy environments (chainsaw, lawnmower, etc.) the Aloft headsets use this principle except the foam is lighter and more form fitting. (Some hearing aid companies use the same type of inserts that Clarity uses.) For the best fit you squeeze the foam flat, pull the back of your ear toward the back of your head, insert the foam piece and hold it in place for about 20 seconds so that your body heat makes the foam contour to your ear. The headsets are not inexpensive (I paid $495 at Oshkosh) but they are a great value. Perhaps John can get us a Musketeer deal – how about it John?

David Snodgrass Beech Be23 N6083N North Manchester, IN

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