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External Power Plug Receptacle, Models 19/23/24/76/77

Bill Manhein has discovered at least two Model 23 owners who did not know that they had an external power receptacle, nor how to use it. Bill was nice enough to put together an excellent illustrated overview for everyone. It is now available in the Downloads section.

Bill expects to have his new hell-for-stout and low-priced plug adapters ready for sale before the end of the year; he has completed the prototypes. Unlike some others we have seen, Bill’s will have the proper dimensions for a snug fit, and will have the notched outer ring for proper retention in the receptacle. Having seen the prototype, I think you could drive a tank over them without damage, yet they are stone simple (press-fit assembly, no fasteners). They are made from solid copper rod, UHMW poly, and solid copper pipe (not tubing). They will withstand a lifetime of gator clamps. Bill will get more word out on these very soon.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.