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Gene Nora Jessen BAC Fest ’08 Keynote Speaker

This year’s annual fly-in/convention is going to be extra special because of the keynote speaker, Mrs. Gene Nora Jessen! This remarkable aviatrix has made invaluable contributions to women in aviation as well as played a significant role in the introduction of the Beech Musketeers to the US market back in 1962.In addition to helping Beechcraft unveil the Musketeer line of aircraft to the world, Mrs. Jessen was among the original “Mercury 13” lady astronaut candidates. Though she never made it into space, her place in history was secured by being a finalist in the program.

And if that is not enough, she has been actively involved in the “Ninety-Nines” womens’ pilot organization, she has written books, she has flown dozens of different aircraft and is still an active pilot today!

The fact that Mrs. Jessen will be the keynote speaker for BAC Fest 2008 is enough to justify attendance for any of our members. But, as usual, we’ll have great programs and activities as well.

So, make you plans now to attend BAC Fest 2008 in Santa Maria, California (KSMX)…you’ll kick yourself if you miss this one!

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