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Greasy T-Shirt Contest

Do you look good in a greasy T-Shirt? Do you like to watch men in their greasy T-Shirts? Do have a greasy T-shirt and you like to show off your unique figure in it. Then we need you at Enterprise (KEDN) Alabama this Saturday. ****** SOUTHEAST MUSKETEER FLY-IN at KEDN********

Official FLY-IN start time is 0930 on Saturday the 23rd October.

Lubrication demo performed by our very own Bob Steward

Jimme Henson is hosting the show and has graciously offered his Musketeer for the Demo.

Some folks are arriving Friday evening for Beers at Effie’s Cantina. If you are staying the night I’ve been told there’s a Comfort Inn close by.

The phone number is 334-393-2304. Last time I check the rate was $69.99+Tax.


Osman Iftikhar


One Greased up Mouse

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.