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Horizon P1000 Tachometer

Best thing I’ve put in my airplane yet. Bar none. Took me a week to get the local FSDO to give me a field approval but the installation was easy and now I won’t do without it.

Got rid of the old tach cable and covered that hole. It is internally lit and has all the appropriate limits of the old tach electronically entered so and over-speed shows up as a red light, etc. Get’s a very accurate mag drop and even shows a hot mag condition. I got rid of the old tach and a Hobbs meter and had the hours transferred to the new tach when it was set up at the factory. Well worth the minor hassle of a field approval.

Horizon even sent me copies of a couple of other 23 series that had already done it. Very reasonable price and a complete installation kit with full documentation make this a must have to replace 40 year old inaccurate mechanical tachs.

Submitted by Mark Miller


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