As noted in the initial announcement of availability, AEC has been offering an extremely attractive price on these new valves. The intent was to enable those still equipped with the old brass Imperial valve to quickly get their valve replaced. THE PRICE IS NOW GOING UP AS PREDICTED! BETTER MOVE FAST!You only have until October 15 to buy one of these valves at the low introductory price of $695. Keep in mind that the price from Kelly on an overhauled valve is around $800 (plus the $400 core charge); and new Beech-Gerdes valves are priced at $4,884. There is only one new Beech valve available in the parts system, as far as I can tell. At that price, it will likely corrode away sitting on the shelf.

Here is the announcement I just received from Kamran Rouhani/AEC on the new valve pricing:

“The making of these Fuel Selector Valves has been very costly. We are going to increase the unit price in three segments. On October 15, the unit price will jump from the current $695, to $950. In December it is going to jump again, and then in February will be the third jump.

We have to do this to reach a break-even point within four years. At current prices, we are not even recovering the full manufacturing costs. Because BAC member notification is needed, I will give members until October 15 before the first increase goes into effect.

Please advise BAC members to place their orders for these before the increase in October. Once updated on the automated ordering website page, we will be unable to honor the introductory price.”

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.